La homosexualidad cada vez más presente en la Falsa Iglesia

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Homosexual famoso fue lector en la misa de Fco en Nueva York:
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    Homosexual lector at papal Mass 01 

    Homosexual invited to be lector at papal Mass

    At the Mass celebrated by Pope Francis in New York on September 25, 2015, the chosen lector to read the Epistle was Maurice Rocca, a known homosexual comedian and journalist of a CBS show. 'Mo' Rocca, as he is known, had publicly admitted his homosexuality in 2011.

    It is difficult not to see that with this invitation Pope Bergoglio made a clear statement favoring homosexuality.

    This, added to the private audience he granted to his homosexual ex-student Grassi and his lover, makes Francis' visit to the United States a landmark in the destruction of Catholic Morals regarding sodomy.

    Below, third row, we see Mo Rocca, center, at one of his drag parties.

    A video of Rocca's reading can be viewed here
    Homosexual invited to be a lector at papal Mass 02
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